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Wise and Smart Planning for the future

Born and raised in San Jose, California the owner Sylvia Ornelas-Wise has a passion for the City she loves. She loves people and making a positive difference in the community. Before receiving her Masters degree in Urban and Regional City Planning from San Jose State University she working for a nonprofit housing developer and later began working as a Planner with the County of Santa Clara Planning and Development Department were she spent almost 10 years.  During that time she reviewed countless building permits, land use entitlement applications, wrote varies environmental documents and studies, worked on subdivisions, rezoning, variance and other complex land use projects.  She also managed over 350,0000 acres of land within Santa Clara County, restricted by the land conservation Williamson Act contract and Open Space Easement Agreement preserving our beautiful hillsides.  She worked closely with the local politicians and various government agencies to review and approval land use applications. 

An Idea is Born

After meeting her husband at work and having a beautiful baby girl she decided to start Wise Consultant Group and do Real Estate so she would have more flexibility and spend more time with her Family all while doing what she loves to do.  Helping others make positive change within the community.    

Happy Customer

Hello Sylvia,
I truly appreciate the work you have done and your professionalism with my family. The property summary was exactly what we needed to move forward with the decision making process.

Helping people get Permits and navigate the complex Planning and Development Process.

Looking to buy a property and build, have questions or need help, call us to help you determine what you can and cannot do with the property.